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NEWS: MedSpa Closure Notification Starting March 17

During these past few weeks of the pandemic, we stayed open to allow patients receive their treatments. However, in view of the recent developments in the community, we are going to be CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This also comes in following multiple health associations suggestions to stop providing services for the time being.

In this time of hardship, it's our responsibility to help prevent the transmission of the virus to help protect those most vulnerable in our community. And the only sure way to do so is to self isolate. In light of recent events, we are taking our part.

We thank everyone for the understanding. Please be kind, show empathy to those who are affected, stay healthy and be mindful and considerate of others. We wish everyone well.

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Nadia is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She has successfully completed training in massage therapy, hydrotherapy, remedial exercises, breast care, arthrokinetic therapy, TMJ, and cranial therapy.

Nadia Petrova



Peppino is a 3,000 hour program graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Throughout his life, he has been involved in a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports.

Peppino Gregorian



Dr. Galya Ayvazov is a graduate of the Western Canadian Institute of T.C.M Practitioners and is a registered acupuncturist in B.C. She has also graduated from a medical university in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dr. Galya Ayvazov

D.T.C.M., R.Ac.

Davie Loe, RMT

David is a Registered Massage Therapist and Shiatsu Therapist with a focus on therapeutic treatment. With over 20+ years of international experience. David has the clinical competencies and knowledge of an RMT in addition to experience and training in traditional modalities of Osteopathic and Myofascial techniques.

David St. Loe


All Team Members

Hello, I recently came to MedSpa for massage treatment on my lower back. After a few treatments with Peppino my back feels as good as new. The combination of strength and gentleness is astounding. He is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable and offers great advice, his sense of humor also helps. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a great RMT.

Thank you, Irena K.

It is with great pleasure I write this letter on behalf of Nadia Petrova. She is an outstanding massage therapist who truly cares about her patients. I brought my son to Nadia after she's been referred to us by our family doctor. I think we got lucky that we've met Nadia, because she is not just another massage therapist who is doing her job, but she put her heart and extensive experience in what she does. My son felt much better and more energetic even after first session. Beside regular massage, Nadia performed on his jar massage and breathing exercises. I would gladly recommend Nadia to all my friends.

Olga Kolotygin

I had about six sessions of massage therapy recently done by Sergei and therefore wish to share the positive experience I had at Medspa. As a mother of a toddler, with a full time job and an extremely busy schedule, very often experiencing head aches and back pain, I found great relief after only a couple massage sessions at your center. By the time I completed my last session, I was already feeling like a new person. I greatly appreciated Sergei's dedication, his professionalism and the breathing techniques he taught me. Also, I was very pleased with the services of your reception desk staff. I will most certainly continue to visit your center and will not hesitate to recommend it to friends. Thank you!

Regards, Mihaela Negru

I have been having massage at Medspa for quite a while. I come back home and I feel relaxed but the rest of my family is not. A level of my stress is significantly lower. One day I recommended my husband to try massage. We do have an extended health insurance for the family. The picture is different now. My whole family, kids and my husband regularly visit Medspa Health Centre for stress reduction treatments. It makes a huge difference. My advice – go stress reduction as a family.

Tatyana Bondar

A co worker recommended me to visit Nadia at Medspa when she heard me complaining of my back aches and pains. After my second visit, I felt the big difference on how my back feels. Nadia is very knowledgeable and knows what my body needed for every visit. She will also teach and guide you how to utilize breathing exercises during the massage to support your body in coping with your discomforts and to feel more relaxed. She is amazing!


I have known Nadia for years and come to this spa in the past. Recently, after a few years break I am back to the Nadia’s table. And now I realized you cant compare her magic touch with anybody’s else. All the massage therapists I went to before can not compete with this professional! She is so knowledgeable and experienced that after listening your complains and symptoms she knows exactly what is happening with your body and muscles! She knows exactly why you are having this pain and what to do to treat it successfully! She finds the source of your pain! I had some pain in my right hand. Nadia figured this discomfort is coming from my neck and shoulder! After four visits my pain is gone, my arm got back strength, I sleep better and feel better all over! I like the fact that Nadia explains your pain to you, why you have it. She gives you home work! You excises and stretch at home and this is a part of your healing process! I can’t express enough how I am thankful to Nadia! I would recommend this massage therapist to everyone!

T. T.

Medspa Health Centre

- a multi-disciplinary clinic with a team of registered and experienced health care practitioners who provide high quality treatments and services in a truly holistic environment.

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