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Chiropractor Health Care

chiropractor HEALTH CARE


Chiropractor care is the science that is concerned with relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (primarily the nervous system) of the human body as that relationship may affect restoration and preservation of health.

It is an excellent rejuvenation and rehabilitation experience for mind, body, and soul.


We accept ICBC cases. Call or email to inquire.

What is chiropractor?

chiropractor is a healing discipline firmly grounded in science. Although its main focus is the relationship between the skeleton (particularly the spine) and the nervous system that runs through it, chiropractor is concerned with care of the entire body. Chiropractors use various diagnostic methods including X-rays to discover the state of your health, paying particular attention to your spine and bone structure. Spinal manipulation and other manual adjustments are their primary methods of helping your body heal itself.

How does chiropractor care work?

chiropractor helps to remove postural imbalances and structural misalignments that can accumulate in our bodies over time. Left unchecked for a long time, changes in our spines may lead to pain, stiffness or other serious problems.

The nervous system is a key part of your body. It is the communication system between your brain and all of your body's muscles, organs and tissues. For your nervous system to function well, it must be free of interference. The spine is the most common site of nervous interference because nerves travel from the spinal cord through openings on either side of the spine to get to all of your cells and organs.

Each of us is born with ability to heal and recover from illness. Misalignment in your spine can put pressure on the nerves, affects your ability to self-heal and may prolong injury or illness. The customized care you receive from chiropractor may help to improve your posture, muscle balance and mobility. It can also restore integrity of your nervous system and get rid of pain quickly.

How long do Chiropractors go to school?

Today's graduating Doctors of chiropractor have studied and trained in post-secondary college or university for at least seven years. They must first complete undergraduate study before applying for admission to chiropractor college.

Becoming a chiropractor is demanding and highly rewarding path that includes a minimum of 4500 hours of intense academic study including classroom learning, clinical science and internship training.

Does Chiropractor have to have a license?

By law, every province requires chiropractors to earn a license before they can practice. Graduating chiropractors must attain passing scores on national and provincial board exams.

chiropractor is a self-governing profession which means that doctors are bound to professional code of conduct through national and provincial chiropractor associations. This self-regulating and disciplinary process ensures that the public health concerns are the highest priority of the chiropractor profession.

What can I expect from my visit to Chiropractor

As a licensed practitioner, it is the duty of your chiropractor to do the following:

1. Thorough review of your specific problem including relevant past history and overall health

2. Physical tests to help identify the problem. In certain situations, X-ray may be used to determine source of your problem and to investigate for presence of any pathological development

3. Diagnose of the problem. If it is not chiropractor one, suitable referral is done. If it is, a treatment plan is communicated.

Your response to treatment is monitored by your chiropractor who looks for improvement to your specific condition as well as for changes in your overall health.

What results can I expect from treatment?

That depends on your condition. The length of time you have had a problem, your age and degree of your disability all affects the length of your treatment. Your chiropractor doctor should tell you the extent of recommended treatment. One of main reasons people choose chiropractor is that they often get quick results. For instance, Workers' Compensation Board studies show that people with low back pain return to work much faster with chiropractor care.

Can I have spinal health problem without having any pain or symptoms?

Yes. Many degenerative diseases take years before they produce symptoms like pain. This is particularly true of osteoarthritis of the spine that can start in childhood.

That is why everyone should have periodic spinal check by a chiropractor regardless of age, pain absence or other symptoms.

What is chiropractor Adjustment? is it safe?

Adjustment is the main method of chiropractor treatment. It is a specialized gentle, controlled and safe pressure applied to your spine to restore the proper motion and position of your vertebrae.

This is precise procedure that your highly skilled chiropractor has learned and perfected over years of college and clinical practice.

chiropractor adjustments are among the safest of all health care interventions because they are non-surgical, drug-free and present extremely low risk. And they work!

Who pays for my visit to a chiropractor Doctor?

MSP of BC provides partial coverage for people on premium assistance.

Many extended health plans have coverage of chiropractor treatment up to certain limit for every year. Your employer will be able to supply you with this information.

ICBC provides coverage for office visits and X-rays for injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. For more details please contact your ICBC adjuster.

If you have suffered injury at work, the cost of necessary chiropractor treatments may be covered by Workers' Compensation Board. Injured persons should consult their chiropractor doctor immediately upon injury.

Our Registered Chiropractor Doctor

Dr. Pavendeep Parmar
D.C., B.Sc (Chiropractor)

Dr. Pavendeep Parmar is an experienced licensed Chiropractic Doctor who will come up with a personalized treatment plan for each patient. He spends extended treatment sessions (20-30 minutes per patient) doing manual adjustments, soft tissue therapy and exercise therapy with his patients. He treats patients with ICBC claims, Extended Health Benefits, and Private Patients and has extensive experience working with patients of all ages including children.

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