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Covid-19 Patient Procedures

COVID-19 Patient Procedures

As we re-open our clinic for services, we introduce a variety of changes to our appointments. These changes are mandatory in order to provide a safe environment for our patients and staff. We are committed to keeping everyone healthy and try to do our best to minimize any risks and spread of the virus in these times. We kindly ask for everyone's participation. Please familiarize yourself with the following procedures before your appointment.

The following requirements will be in order until the pandemic is over:

  • check-mark   First of all, at any time if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 as per BC Self-Assessment Tool, please cancel your appointment and do not visit our clinic. We encourage patients to cancel at any time. There will be NO CANCELLATION FEES for any cancellations related to Covid-19.
  • check-mark   There will be a verbal and written Covid-19 pre-screening as part of the appointment. The first pre-screening will be done a day before. And another pre-screening will be done by the therapist on the day of your appointment.
  • check-mark   Patients are asked to bring their own face mask. Please wear the mask when you enter the clinic.
  • check-mark   We are limiting the number of visitors at the clinic. Please arrive for the appointment alone unless you are supervising/guarding someone.
  • check-mark   Patients are asked to wait outside before their appointment. 5 minutes before your appointment please stand at the outside door. We've introduced longer break periods between our appointments to negate any wait times. Your practitioner will come out and guide you into the clinic. Please refrain from touching any handles. All the doors will be opened for you by your therapist.
  • check-mark   Hand sanitization is mandatory upon entering and leaving the clinic. We will provide a sufficient supply of hand sanitizer for your use.
  • check-mark   We ask to limit the use of the washroom to emergencies only. Please ensure to use the washroom before leaving for your appointment to avoid its use at the clinic.
  • check-mark   If you have to wait at the reception, please make sure to keep social distance with others in the waiting area.
  • check-mark   We are introducing touch-less payment options such as direct billing and handling the payments in our software. We will have NO CASH policy from this time on.
  • check-mark   We are switching to paperless office as much as possible. Thus, we no longer will provide paper invoices. Your invoice will be emailed to you upon payment.
  • check-mark   We encourage all our patients to minimize the time spent at the reception area. Thus, we recommend everyone to either use our online booking system or email us with inquiries.
  • check-mark   Due to longer break periods between appointments, we will not offer appointment times shorter than 45 min. Longer break times are required for us to thoroughly follow through with all cleaning procedures and mitigate any wait times between our appointments.

Please if you develop any symptoms, do not visit the clinic. We thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe.

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