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Infant Aqua Motion


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Medspa Health Centre is thrilled to offer a new initiative for infants "AQUA MOTION". Aqua Motion is an active multi-component system for improvement of infants' development, social cognition, and family bond. It is developed for infants starting from age of 4 months. It consists of the following parts that can be taken together or separately: pediatric massage, fitness ball bouncing, and aqua motion.

Pediatric massage can be taken at Medspa facilities. Aqua motion and fitness ball bouncing classes are conducted as a private visit only.

Available: Please Call To Inquire.

Please note that you must register in advance.
You can register at Medspa Health Centre reception or over the phone: 604.439.1604.
Also, we recommend booking a pediatric massage appointment with Nadia Petrova, RMT, for an assessment and a program plan.

Recommended age

  • Aqua motion: starts from 4 month
  • Pediatric massage: starts from 4 weeks
  • Fitness ball bouncing: starts from 2.5 month

Aqua Motion Fee Schedule

  • Fitness ball bouncing and aqua motion exercises are offered as a private visit only.
  • Fee schedule varies depending on the location and length of visit.
  • Pediatric Massage as per regular Medspa Health Centre fee schedule.

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