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Nadia is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She also brings the expertise of her previous education and work experience from Moscow, Russia. She has successfully completed training in massage therapy, hydrotherapy, remedial exercises, breast care, arthrokinetic therapy, TMJ, and cranial therapy.

She has taught physiology at PCU College. Nadia plays a key role in the treatment plan implementation while managing the stuff and overall business strategy.

Nadia has been practicing for more than 35 years and is a knowledgeable massage therapy practitioner known for her caring, gifted hands.

About me

I am a happy woman because I have a job that allows me to do what I love the most; I help people. And I am very thankful to each and everyone of you who let me be your health care provider – thank you for all your trust.

Besides my job there are many things that I truly enjoy in my live. Of course that is my family with all support and all love that we so dearly share among us. Our cat Sima (Simanetta) and our dog weimaraner Nika are a big part of it.

Yet, my garden is my huge passion. I try to grow pretty much everything that I can get my hands on. I even grow potato in my front lawn! Oh yes! I planted seeds and shrubs all over my back yard. Even Nika said; "Mom there is not much space left in the back yard for me to make poops!". I said; "I got it" and I moved over to the front lawn! Now I grow lots of garlic there!

I love flowers too and they are around our house to brighten even the most rainy day.

In a summer time we do camping. We love to stay for a few days in Okanagan Falls just to pick up cherries and enjoy the weather sipping some wonderful wines that the region is so famous of now.

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