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Nutritional Counseling



Healthy eating can be fun, enjoyable and delicious! The goal of a good Nutrition is to provide good health through proper eating A healthy diet can also prevent or alleviate many common health problems.

Fortunately, people are beginning to realize that weight control, as well as many other health conditions, is a very individual issue. Then, a nutrition plan that may work for one individual is not likely to work for another one, even if they are at the same age. This is due to the fact that every person is "unique", with different metabolisms, conditions, physical activities, stress, etc.

In order to have long term changes in weight, nutrient levels in blood, blood pressure levels, energy levels, etc., individuals have to develop an "habit or lifestyle change" and not only a temporary one that shortly after would have you back at the start line again.

What conditions and illnesses do Nutritionists commonly work with?

  • nutrition   Healthy lifestyle
  • nutrition   Pre and post natal nutrition
  • nutrition    Children's nutrition counselling
    (Breastfeeding, how to introduce solids, how to deal with children that do not want to eat, etc.)
  • nutrition   Nutrition counselling for healthy living after 50
  • nutrition   Overweight & Obesity
  • nutrition   High Cholesterol
  • nutrition   High Blood Pressure
  • nutrition   Food Intolerances
  • nutrition   Diabetes and Insulin Resistance
  • nutrition   Healthy Vegetarian Eating

If your condition of concern is not listed, please phone us and inquire.

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