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Sergei Morozov

Sergei RMT

Sergei is an avid fan of the healthy lifestyle. While enjoying all sorts of sports activities he is very serious regarding balanced approach where health concerns are always a priority.

He has got the best education in the field of massage therapy from WCCMT graduating in the top of the class.

He utilizes his experience as a personal trainer paying close attention to remedial exercises and home care.

Sergei is a passionate massage therapy professional with an open mind towards patients needs.

About me

I appreciate an opportunity to be a massage therapist. Once I got inspired by my mom I worked hard to achieve this designation and value all my patients who have chosen me to be their health care practitioner. A healthy life style is a sacred path to me. There is so much to enjoy. I always study and practice new things that create and help to maintain healthy habits.

I am blessed to have a chance to share all my knowledge and skills with all people who have the same vision, values, and goals. There are a few things that I am at fond of. Those are backpacking, survival topics, judo, and body strengthening methods.

Currently, I practice Chad Waterbury's approach that appreciates not bigger muscles but body strength and conditioning. It creates body power and stamina that helps me while backpacking in the back country. The next one – survival topics – the one that I can talk forever about reviewing all the equipment and practicing some very amazing techniques that make a difference while you are all by youself being in the most wild places.


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