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Massage Therapy

TMJ Disorder Treatment


Massage therapy treatment can provide a non-surgical solution to your TMJ problem.

The pain associated with TMJ Disorder is thought to be caused by displacement of the cartilage at the point where the lower jaw connects to the skull. This causes pressure and stretching of the associated sensory nerves.

Patients who have been treated for years for migraine headache pain have typically undergone a wide variety of diagnostic tests and treatments, including MRI studies, expensive drugs, and other therapies, often with little or no improvement. Using massage therapy to treat the TM joint can provide relief from migraine headache pain.

To eliminate TMJ Disorder and its symptoms, the lower jaw is brought forward non-surgically, using a dental applicance worn at night. This appliance repositions the lower jaw, reestablishing the natural space at the rear of the joint and allowing the ball (condyle) to hinge on the cartilage at the front of the socket (fossa).

Using massage therapy to treat TMJ disorders makes surgery for TMJ unnecessary, except in rare cases.

For many people, surgery does not provide a long-term solution. It can even make the headache pain associated with TMJ Disorder worse.

Massage therapy treatment from a registered massage therapist, the world's most thoroughly trained practitioners of manual therapy, may provide correction of the problem with no pills, no surgery, and no unwanted side effects.

At Medspa Health Centre, we offer a comprehensive variety of referral and non-referral massage therapy treatments, including:

Our Registered Massage Therapists

Nadia, RMT

Nadia Petrova

Nadia is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She also brings the expertise of her previous education and work experience from Moscow, Russia. She has successfully completed training in massage therapy, hydrotherapy, remedial exercises, breast care, arthrokinetic therapy, TMJ, and cranial therapy. She has also taught physiology at PCU College. Nadia plays an active role in assisting patients in implementing their treatment plans while managing the staff and overall business strategy of Medspa. Nadia has been practicing for more than 22 years and is a knowledgeable massage therapy practitioner known for her caring and gifted hands.

Sergei, RMT

Sergei Morozov

Sergei is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoys sports of all kinds. He strongly believes in the importance of having a balanced approach to health and in prioritizing health concerns when they arise in life. He received his accreditation from WCCMT, which is one of Canada's most rigorous and reputable colleges of massage therapy, and graduated with honours at the top of his class. Sergei pays close attention to the needs of his patients and tailors each treatment plan to address the areas of care that are needed, and the existing strengths of the patient that can be utilized, to heal and repair.

Brianne, RMT

Brianne Baldeo

Brianne is a graduate of the 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She has an excellent background in customer service. She is proud to work in the healthcare industry and thoroughly enjoys helping people. Massage therapy has had a positive affect on her life and she is excited to spread her knowledge and experience to her patients. Brianne especially likes working with pre and postnatal women to help them relax and teach them to care for their bodies.

David St. Loe, RMT

David St. Loe

David is a Registered Massage Therapist and Shiatsu Therapist with a focus on therapeutic treatment. With over 20+ years of international experience. David has the clinical competencies and knowledge of an RMT in addition to experience and training in traditional modalities of Osteopathic and Myofascial techniques as well has a background in Shiatsu and Chi Kung. He has studied Japanese fencing, Kung Fu and Zen meditation for over 18 years. David’s broad skill set allows him to tailor treatments to suit the client’s individual needs; from deep tissue to very gentle techniques and techniques that can be done through clothing.

Haydn Yee, RMT

Haydn Yee

Haydn Yee is a graduate of the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy full-time program. As a Registered Massage Therapist, Haydn is skilled in trigger point release, myofascial release, and overall body maintenance. While Haydn is able to provide a wide variety of techniques and intensities in his work, he especially enjoys providing deep pressure massage, and likes to work with patients who are suffering from gluteal, forearm, or neck pain. In his work, Haydn believes that every patient is unique and deserves a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. He is very empathetic and brings that empathy into his treatments.

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