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I have been coming to MedSpa Health Centre on a regular basis for the last couple of years. I have benefited a lot from Dr. Galya Ayvazov's accupuncture treatments. Dr.Ayvazov is a great expert. Each time after the treatment, I feel rejuvenated because my muscles are relaxed and the energy of my body is balanced. In addition to her knowledge, Dr Ayvazov is a wonderful person. In summary, each accupuncture treatment is always a treat for both my body and my mind. Thank you, Galya!


I work across the street from Medspa and after work when I come for massage I do not always have time to get a snack. I appreciate a cup of tee with a piece of chocolate I get before my treatment.

Michael J.

I have been having massage at Medspa for quite a while. I come back home and I feel relaxed but the rest of my family is not. A level of my stress is significantly lower. One day I recommended my husband to try massage. We do have an extended health insurance for the family. The picture is different now. My whole family, kids and my husband regularly visit Medspa Health Centre for stress reduction treatments. It makes a huge difference. My advice – go stress reduction as a family.

Tatyana Bondar

Lemon and cucumber is not something that I imagine would go together well. At Medspa all patients get encouraged to drink water before and after treatment to decrease the post massage dehydration. I have tried the lemon and cucumber water once and I liked it. Now I do the same thing at home!


My special in all meanings son receives massage therapy at Medspa for few years. Nadia is very good with kids and he lets her do almost everything. He even endures oral massage that helps with his speech development and feeding. My son is so happy and relaxed after treatment. When I ask him if he wants to go to massage he always smiles and nodes "yes".


Hello, I recently came to MedSpa for massage treatment on my lower back. After a few treatments with Peppino my back feels as good as new. The combination of strength and gentleness is astounding. He is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable and offers great advice, his sense of humor also helps. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a great RMT.

Irena K.

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