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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage

theraputic massage

Designed to target sore muscles, releasing tightness and reducing muscle pain.

This massage is the assessment and treatment of the soft tissues of the body to achieve therapeutic benefits and to maintain healthy body functions.

This technique includes client specific education in reference to biomechanics, habits, stress reduction.


At Medspa Health Centre, we offer a comprehensive variety of referral and non-referral massage therapy treatments, including:

Our Registered Massage Therapists

Nadia, RMT

Nadia Petrova

Nadia is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She also brings the expertise of her previous education and work experience from Moscow, Russia. She has successfully completed training in massage therapy, hydrotherapy, remedial exercises, breast care, arthrokinetic therapy, TMJ, and cranial therapy. She has also taught physiology at PCU College. Nadia plays an active role in assisting patients in implementing their treatment plans while managing the staff and overall business strategy of Medspa. Nadia has been practicing for more than 22 years and is a knowledgeable massage therapy practitioner known for her caring and gifted hands.

Sergei, RMT

Sergei Morozov

Sergei is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoys sports of all kinds. He strongly believes in the importance of having a balanced approach to health and in prioritizing health concerns when they arise in life. He received his accreditation from WCCMT, which is one of Canada's most rigorous and reputable colleges of massage therapy, and graduated with honours at the top of his class. Sergei pays close attention to the needs of his patients and tailors each treatment plan to address the areas of care that are needed, and the existing strengths of the patient that can be utilized, to heal and repair.

Peppino, RMT

Peppino Gregorian

Peppino is a 3,000 hour program graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Throughout his life, he has been involved in a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports. As a result, he has had first-hand experiences with different injuries and the short and long-term difficulties they pose in day to day life. From a young age, Peppino was passionate about helping people and knew he wanted to pursue a career in improving the health and lives of others. This, coupled with his direct experience in learning how to cope with and repair different injuries from his lifelong involvement in sports, ultimately lead him to his calling as a practitioner in the field of massage therapy.

Brianne, RMT

Brianne Baldeo

Brianne is a graduate of the 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She has an excellent background in customer service. She is proud to work in the healthcare industry and thoroughly enjoys helping people. Massage therapy has had a positive affect on her life and she is excited to spread her knowledge and experience to her patients. Brianne especially likes working with pre and postnatal women to help them relax and teach them to care for their bodies.

Allison, RMT

Allison Collingwood

Graduating in 2017 from the RMT program at Vancouver Career College, Allison has gathered several years of hands-on experience in massage. She uses a combination of Swedish massage, as well as more active techniques and myofascial to treat common issues such as back and neck pain, as well as many more serious conditions such as impingement, whiplash, disc herniations and more. Coming from a place of chronic pain, Allison understands the importance of focusing on making small changes in daily habits that can help to decrease stress or pain conditions and looks forward to working with you to create a tailored plan to combat these issues.

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